McGolf Visits French Lick Indiana golf resort.

What does an award winning club guy do for fun? Goes golfing of course.

Mrs McGolf wanted a get away and we invited some friend to take in French Lick. Home of the Pete Dye and Don Ross Courses, Casinos and small town living.

We were able to take in a horse and buggy ride (bucket List Item)

bucket list ,,, check

bucket list ,,, check

Then A friend and I went played the Pete Dye course first. You need to see the pictures below. The course is not for the faint of heart. The fore caddie is there to help you however good placement of the golf ball and a confident putting stroke are essential to good scores. I had 0 of 2 but still enjoyed the round. Three things I look for when visiting a golf course. 1) The atmosphere due to the people, 2) The condition of the course, 3) the challenge of the course, ridiculous vs playable. This course has all three.

Moving to the Don Ross Course,. This course is celebrating its 100 yr anniversary. We were told the owners sent somewhere in the neighbor hood of 5 million, to put the course back to the original designs. Again the course was in tip top condition. Want to know why the scores 100 years ago were so high? a few of the greens were nearly impossible to one putt or even two putt. One hole could easily be conceivable to assume a 4 putt. The par threes are on average 220 so bring you long game. 


remember those check points point 1) I felt like it was my fault I was golfing even taking the eclipse during the outing, 2) the course was in nearly perfect shape and the layout was much to my liking except 3) On only a few holes the greens needs a wind mill to give direction.

I am glad I did this trip once, Because a bad day at the course is better than a good day at the office. If you are looking for a grown up environment for an overnight stay, French Lick certainly is the place. The funniest part of our trip is my favorite course was not part of the resort. more on that later.

New WIlson Clubs and a new attitude

A customer that has been a long time golfer with us came in for a fitting after not getting the same service as he got 7years ago here. During the fitting I saw a swing issue and asked his current handicap. 

He said 21, I about fell out since the last time I we spoke (years ago) it was a 0. After discussing the swing issue and putting a club that was right under him. the swing speed jumped 10 mpg and the quality of hit resulted in a 20 plus yard gain and a direction that would allow him to score again. 

The Wilson D300 with KBS 105g shafts and Golf Pride CP2 wraps cut, flexed, and bent resulted in a great smash factor and better yet a positive attitude to play golf again.


Custom Fit AND Custom Build only at McGolf - Wilson

Custom Fit, Custom Made,

lower scores. Wilson designs are better than ever.

Wilson golf has a reputation for irons. They have a long standing history for Winning majors and tour events alike. However, their driver, fairway and hybrid categories were wanting. The F series offerings were typically good with the rest needing help, not necessarily from a performance stand point but a cosmetic point of view. Enter a new idea. 

Wilson golf made a huge splash with the driver vs driver reality TV series, so much so they are doing it again. Unfortunately the genius of the show was over shadowed by the non conforming ruling passed down by the USGA. Two rulings, one and in my opinion was very questionable and the second squarely on Wilson.

Never the less, Wilson took on a new designer a few years ago and the resulting irons are nothing short of competitive with the larger OEMs. To the point, the V6 iron received the "most wanted" for the players iron. Here is my video on the iron long before the award.

What makes a good iron better? A custom fit and finishing that off with a custom build. McGolf is one of only a few in the US that can custom fit AND custom build the Wilson product. This allows us to put in shafts and put on grips that might not otherwise by available to off the shelf selections.

Award winning designs, Award winning custom fit, Award winning builds all results is seeing your scores going low. Contact us for better golf. 

Callaway Odyssey Oworks putters at McGolf

Going forward I will very tough on putters. Meaning if they do not do as expected you will not find them at McGolf.

The first entry is the Callaway O Works Putter line. Honestly, the Odyssey line was getting a bit stale. You can only remake the 2ball only so many times before repeating your self. The introduction of Mr. Toulon has already been felt with the Microhinge technology. The claim is that the ball will start rolling immediately after being struck. I am not fully convinced however the resultant putter feels much like a soft forged putter and the distance control is better than in past models of the same number. The face inserts of the past had "hot spots" this new OWORKS line is very stable and well dressed. The colors and alignment draw your eyes to the proper area of the putter for target seeking. Another positive change is the availability of different shaft offsets and weights.

After a McGolf Fitting you are sure to have a great putter when you leave.


A New Set of Big Bertha Irons for a New McGolf Friend

Our new McGolf Friend had made several stops to ask about the fitting process and when we could get together. After our scheduled crossed a great fitting was completed. We addressed some swing issues and came away with Callaway big bertha irons.

The Big Bertha is a hollow body model iron with mid to larger offset, a larger sole and stronger lofts. The head design sports an exo skeleton to support a thin face. when placed with Recoil iron shafts andGolf Pride CP2 wrap grips, the result is a set of irons that produce a solid ball flight and feel strong.

I doing a review of these irons the Big Bertha is certainly choice to consider when looing for forgiveness and distance.


First custom Odyssey Oworks from McGolf

This gentleman came in for a driver and putter fitting. Temps at 24 degrees stopped the driver fitting but we did a putter fitting and found the proper length, aim, shaft offset, style, grip etc and made a few changes to the putting stroke to turn this golfer into a steady eddy putter.  

The micro hinge technology gives the new line of Odyssey putter an almost forged feel and supposedly faster to a forward roll. The color scheme is easy on the eyes.

Wishon clubs for a new customer, sort of

I did a fitting for a golfer who's wife came to us first and she has been doing well with the custom fit and custom built clubs.

This year he said it was his turn. After the fitting we landed with some Wishon irons and woods with UST recoil shaft and Winn grips. The combination of the UST and the 771 model irons has been a real winner. The milled face in a soft body for irons and the only bendable wood on the market makes for a truly customized set of golf clubs.


Only at McGolf

The accolades McGolf received earlier in the year. I.E. The Golf Digest Top 100 and ICG Clubmaker of the year have opened some new path ways to provide you better golf. Since the start of McGolf, we have talked to each vendor and research how they can help us help you. Through the course of time vendors have come and gone for one reason or another.

Now we are introducing our newest chapter in "getting the treatment the pros get" with fitting and building a component OEM. OEM is original equipment manufacturer. Companies such as Callaway, Titleist and Wilson.

McGolf is ecstatic to announce that will be providing Wilson irons and woods as part of its award winning fitting process. We will be building the Wilson golf clubs or should I say McGolf clubs to our award winning exacting specifications.

The exciting part of the Wilson line is certainly the irons and woods.

The irons line up is solid with the V6 forged players iron, the C200 flex face cross over iron and the D300 distance iron with flex face technology. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Fg tour 100 blades.

The woods are logarithmically better with the Triton driver vs driver winner (now confirming) and the D300 driver both of which are in play on tour now.

Going beyond stock. Because of the arrangement we can build your Wilson equipment with shaft that we trust and know will work for your best golf. Shafts like KBS, Rifle, ACCRA, UST will be the offerings for new custom clubs.

We will be doing YouTube comparisons in the near future. For a fitting or to learn more about this new amazing venture in custom golf equipment please contact at us at 70-941-4653 or