McGolf has painstakingly selected the best offerings for best golf. OEM and OEDs, no clones or look alikes. You find only the original designers and manufacturers for your golf clubs at McGolf.

Quite possibly the best golf company in the industry right now. There is not a bad club in the line up. get fit have your driver adjusted properly and play some great golf.

You can get anything at Golfworks but dont count them out when it comes to club design. GW has a strong line of clubs and we can build them for you.

Bridgestone Golf makes a great golf ball. The RX line tends to fit most golfers. However the E6 is an incredible performer. They don't make much noise with their equipment but that is soon to change. Keep an ear out for the news.

The most popular and most publicized designer in golf, Wishon Golf has clubs lines in the golf digest hot list almost every year. Innovative and high quality  clubs that perform when matched up with a McGolf fitting.

Fully milled and made in the USA, the Piretti Putter is one of the finest putters on the market today. This putter has won the race to Dubai and the PGA championship in the same year. Custom fit at McGolf makes this the best putter for the money and performance.

wilson logo.png

Wilson has made a name for itself with high performance irons. Now they have entered into the driver category with the same high standards. Check out the new offerings. This company will only get better.