Day 2 the PGA demo day 2108

We had an early start to the Demo Day as Robin and I helped set up the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG)Tent. The ICG hosts its sponsors that would like to get a feel for the PGA without a huge investment. This year we had MR3 the maker of the Tru Blue loft and lie machine. For those of you who remember or know what the Scotland machine was this is an impressive upgrade to the original. Made in the USA the MR3 is very nice machine indeed. The most interesting sponsor with New Level Golf. Eric Burch has been a friend of mine for sometime and he is on a new adventure with a new company. We did a video for the company that has taken off! Check it out here


For the rest of the 400 yd diameter circle. The OEMs were in full swing. The Wilson layout also incorporated the launch of the driver vs driver TV series. The C300 is the new product for 2018 and if the numbers show up this could be a really nice setup for the golfer. The new RED is a real eye catcher and FUJI shaft in the clubs will certainly help with the performance and style.

Callaway, PING, Titleist all has very busy layouts while it appeared Taylormade and Cobra were struggling with attendance but that could be attributed to the time we went by the booth.

We did find some very neat ideas for getting around the course without using the golf cart. I really gravitated to the PHAT bike, an electric minibike that can hold an adult and clubs. We also discovered the ELLwee. The Ellwee is an electric four wheeler that has some serious guts. What you have to decide is whether or not you want to pay the same price for a different mode of transportation.

Check out the golf pride video.

There were a ton of other vendors and products see the pictures below for our tour.