Day 3 PGA show floor

The first day on the floor of the PGA is typically filled with attendees shoulder to shoulder to get their business completed first thing. The floor is divided into two sides. the white carpet portion of the show is filled with the clothing vendors, Belts, Pants, shirts, hats, purses, jewelry and displays are in the side. Where the green carpeted side is filled with shop and equipment supplies, Divot tools, golf cars, OEMs of golf clubs, trophies, organization meetings, vacation groups and nations the supply products.

We did one video with Golf Mechanix, This company is the source for most of the golf tools golf companies and club guys like me use. He is one of a kind and a great person to talk too. see the video below.

We made excellent time looking around the show floor and made it to the new exhibitor area, We did not find any knock my socks off products, but I did find a very interesting teaching tool call chip-tac-toe from Roy Boy golf. we did see a bunch of vendors that we didn't get to see last year. See our tour in pictures below in two sections.