Shafts are the transmission of the club. The proper weight, flex, flex profile, torque are just some of the parameters considered during a fitting to make your golf better.  McGolf is the only shop in the area with access to tour level shafts. Find your high speed transmission here.

Aldila popular green NV shaft was just the start for this company. The driver shaft count week end and week out shows Aldila in the top spot.  The Voodoo, RIP and now the tour green and blue shafts are found in tour players bags.

KBS shafts are the standard in McGolf irons for the last two years. KBS is now the standard in OEM clubs too. select ball flight profile, weights for the beginner golfer to the tour pro. See how KBS can fit into your game with a fitting at McGolf

The number one after market shaft, the UST line covers every aspect of the game. The outstanding Recoil shaft for irons, VTS,elements and the chrome for woods and hybrids and the frequency filtered putter shaft. Top notch performance found all in one place.

ACCRA is in play every weekend on the tour. Accra doesn't pay for players to use the golf shaft. Found only with the best club fitters and repairer accra is the only company that dynamically sets it profiles for more consistent golf. Accra is the choice of better player around the world.

McGolf is an Advanced Rifle Center.