Don't take our word for it, hear from some of our customers.

Thank you for amazing irons. My handicap it trending downward and I am striking the ball well and more consistently than ever. I call the irons magic because the have made me putt and drive better too. That said, I feel certain you will see me back sometime in the fall for a putter / wood fitting and maybe a gapping session
— M. McCall
Now that I have had time to truly critique my mmc575 Wishon’s couldn’t be happier. Such a solid and forgiving iron not mention beautiful to look at. The recoil shafts are amazingly consistent. Your fitting was right on. Thank you for making golf more enjoyable game for me. If anything goes wrong on a shot, I can rest assured that it was my fault and not the club or shaft. Keep up the good work
— J. Gagai
4 under and 5 under rounds as a result of the fitting, The reshaft of the irons and new driver are just right
— Mr. Loggins

The fitting process was amazing
— Matthew Kelly
These irons have changed my game I hit the 7 iron 200 yds!!
— Marty Eblin
Thanks for the Wishon Irons I really like them and this is to let you know I got my forth hole in one using the irons
— John Smith (yes this is his name)
A new customer from Urbana came in for a driver fitting and since he came in from that far we did a full fitting. The first part of a full fitting is the putter fitting. After the fitting he could not believe the difference in the success rate. Just I got a note from him.
He won the only skin of a golf tourney worth $180!!!! it was a 12 foot putt!!!
Come in for the putter fitting and you might just make the only skin too!!

Hey Jim,
I wanted to show you some evidence of the new clubs tonight. 7 iron on #7 tonight from 160 yards. The irons are fabulous. the ball feels like butter coming off the face. Thanks again for your efforts and hard work to put me into a great set of irons.
Check out the photo. Sweet feeling to have confidence over the ball with an iron in my hand.
— Marty Forst

Called and wanted to let you know Bob played 54 holes today and missed 3 fairways all day. He loves his driver, its working great.
Bob went through another fitting to determine the best shaft for his driver the Adams fast 12. After a slight adjustment in his stance and some testing we found the UST VTS tourspx 5R blk the best fit for his game, He was carrying the ball another 25yd!!
It was longer and straighter. Apparently judging by the comments
Thanks Penny
— Bob Lent


Yesterday I went to Golf Galaxy in Easton Mall and hit some of the new drivers on the launch monitor/screen. The Rep had me hit the Ping i20 (9.0 Project X 6.0) and the new Taylor made Rocket Ballz (9.5 stock shaft).
I started out hitting the Ping i20 and I like it. I was carrying the ball around 270-280 yards (I though not bad, but it’s not meJ). I then proceeded to hit the new taylor made Rocket ballz. I was carrying it about the same distance as the Ping i20, but I liked the sound of the Ping a lot better. I kept wondering what my driver would do on the launch monitor, so I asked the Rep if I could go get my driver and compare numbers. I hit a Titleist D3 with the new VTS tour spec shaft that you just put in last week. My first swing carried 299 yards and then it was on. I hit five more shots with my club and they ranged from (299-311 CARRY). The rep looked at me and said……… you should never swing another driver than the one you own………………… He was amazed at the shaft and how it performed with my swing. I was amazed with the shaft compared to the other shafts on the other clubs. Once again, you put me in a place of (DISTANCE MATTERS).
Thanks a lot for the shaft,
— Mike Basham

Just wanted to let you know I went to Deercreek to golf on Wednesday and shot a 78!!!!!!!
Again I want to thank you for the lessons and once the weather get to cold and snow covers the ground I will be down to keep my game going in the right direction. I also have a few adjustments for you to make to some of my clubs. Again thanks a bunch
— Ryan Perry

I am so happy. My regular foursome doesn’t usually pay much attention to what anyone is playing, but over the first nine holes I kept hearing how this was the best I’ve driven this year.

On the back, one finally noticed I had a new driver. A couple of holes later they noticed I was playing new wedges. I can only assume because I was hitting great pitches.

On the last hole I had a 20 foot putt for a 38 on the back nine (unbelievably the wind blew my ball off the green before I marked it). Bummer, but still happier than a pig in mud with my new clubs. See you next year for the irons. Thanks
— Mike
I wanted to play a couple of rounds with these before I commented and I now can say, that as for the V6’s, they great clubs. These are my 5th set of Wilson Staff irons and they get better each generation. As for the fitting and craftsmanship. Jim built a set of clubs around my swing and my ball flight is straighter than ever. The quality of the iron build is excellent. I am very satisfied with my new Staff irons and my experience with McGolf. I will be back when I want new clubs
— Christopher