Since 1999, we have been helping golfers from Mexico  to Canada shave strokes off their game.

About Us

McGolf Custom Clubs is an internationally recognized fitting center, an award winning advanced professional repair shop and practice facility. Our desire is better golf for you.

McGolf is owned and operated by Robin and Jim McCleery.

We own and operate the longest range in Southern Ohio, Using the best mat system in the golf industry. The 395 yd range is always in great condition with target nets, yardage poles and  a fresh rotation of golf balls to help you fine tune your game.

Selected as a Top 100 best club-fitter by Golf digest since 2011, Jim will ensure you have the right equipment in your bag for your best golf.

Need help with the flatstick? Jim is Ohio's only Frankly Academics certified putting instructor. Be confident when you approach your next putt.   

Ohio's only International clubmaker of the year can perform tour level repairs on your equipment.                  

Dad 1

Jim McCleery

After spending 8 years in the Nuclear Navy on submarines and an additional 15 plus years in the nuclear industry, Jim now applies the same high level of integrity and tolerances learned in the nuclear field to his fittings and clubmaking skills. A firm believer in education, Jim has attended or completed most certifications available to a clubmaker or clubfitter.





Golf Digest Top 100 best club fitters x4,ICG Midwest clubmaker of the year, Master Club fitter - Callaway, Certified, Flight Scope Operator- Certified UST Mamyia tourspx dealer - KBS certified dealer - Certified putting instructor - Advanced Professional clubmaker, Maltby Master Clubmaker -  3X Regional clubmaker fo the Year, International clubmaker fo the year, Certified Advanced Rifle center


Robin McCleery

Robin is the driving force behind the success of McGolf and is the winner of the TOP SHOP award. Robin is an expert in gripology and installs as many grips as any other clubmaker. Robin can help with any other golf related need. Bags, Balls, Gloves, Carts, Robin is there to help.

club fitting and swing mechanics are the best way to lower scores and enjoy golf. You must do both!
— Jim McCleery, mcgolf custom clubs