Better Golf is found after a McGolf Fitting

Professionals tell you to do it. Every golf magazine tells you to do it. Golf Digest  top 100 tells you who is the best at it. So why wouldn’t you do it? GET A FITTING!

The McGolf fitting is conducted in a professional, comfortable fitting room. You will get the undivided attention of a FOUR time Golf Digest top 100 club fitter using the industry best equipment. The fitting area is a no stress environment so you can concentrate and enjoy the fitting experience.

The McGolf Fitting process is engineered to find the best equipment using the latest in technology for your best golf. Our award winning process will give you confidence in your golf equipment and your swing.

Powered by Flight scope you will see first hand how each club performs and what needs to happen to find maximum performance.

Not about just finding the right club, our fitting process also goes over the swing. We will work together to “smooth out” the kinks in the swing if needed to make more options available for you to choose. After all its all about you golfing well.

Myth busting, fact finding, confidence building, educational and professional are just some of the ways the fitting has been described.

A gift certificate for a fitting is the right size, color and fits every occasion.