Callaway Odyssey Oworks putters at McGolf

Going forward I will very tough on putters. Meaning if they do not do as expected you will not find them at McGolf.

The first entry is the Callaway O Works Putter line. Honestly, the Odyssey line was getting a bit stale. You can only remake the 2ball only so many times before repeating your self. The introduction of Mr. Toulon has already been felt with the Microhinge technology. The claim is that the ball will start rolling immediately after being struck. I am not fully convinced however the resultant putter feels much like a soft forged putter and the distance control is better than in past models of the same number. The face inserts of the past had "hot spots" this new OWORKS line is very stable and well dressed. The colors and alignment draw your eyes to the proper area of the putter for target seeking. Another positive change is the availability of different shaft offsets and weights.

After a McGolf Fitting you are sure to have a great putter when you leave.


A New Set of Big Bertha Irons for a New McGolf Friend

Our new McGolf Friend had made several stops to ask about the fitting process and when we could get together. After our scheduled crossed a great fitting was completed. We addressed some swing issues and came away with Callaway big bertha irons.

The Big Bertha is a hollow body model iron with mid to larger offset, a larger sole and stronger lofts. The head design sports an exo skeleton to support a thin face. when placed with Recoil iron shafts andGolf Pride CP2 wrap grips, the result is a set of irons that produce a solid ball flight and feel strong.

I doing a review of these irons the Big Bertha is certainly choice to consider when looing for forgiveness and distance.


First custom Odyssey Oworks from McGolf

This gentleman came in for a driver and putter fitting. Temps at 24 degrees stopped the driver fitting but we did a putter fitting and found the proper length, aim, shaft offset, style, grip etc and made a few changes to the putting stroke to turn this golfer into a steady eddy putter.  

The micro hinge technology gives the new line of Odyssey putter an almost forged feel and supposedly faster to a forward roll. The color scheme is easy on the eyes.

Wishon clubs for a new customer, sort of

I did a fitting for a golfer who's wife came to us first and she has been doing well with the custom fit and custom built clubs.

This year he said it was his turn. After the fitting we landed with some Wishon irons and woods with UST recoil shaft and Winn grips. The combination of the UST and the 771 model irons has been a real winner. The milled face in a soft body for irons and the only bendable wood on the market makes for a truly customized set of golf clubs.


Only at McGolf

The accolades McGolf received earlier in the year. I.E. The Golf Digest Top 100 and ICG Clubmaker of the year have opened some new path ways to provide you better golf. Since the start of McGolf, we have talked to each vendor and research how they can help us help you. Through the course of time vendors have come and gone for one reason or another.

Now we are introducing our newest chapter in "getting the treatment the pros get" with fitting and building a component OEM. OEM is original equipment manufacturer. Companies such as Callaway, Titleist and Wilson.

McGolf is ecstatic to announce that will be providing Wilson irons and woods as part of its award winning fitting process. We will be building the Wilson golf clubs or should I say McGolf clubs to our award winning exacting specifications.

The exciting part of the Wilson line is certainly the irons and woods.

The irons line up is solid with the V6 forged players iron, the C200 flex face cross over iron and the D300 distance iron with flex face technology. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Fg tour 100 blades.

The woods are logarithmically better with the Triton driver vs driver winner (now confirming) and the D300 driver both of which are in play on tour now.

Going beyond stock. Because of the arrangement we can build your Wilson equipment with shaft that we trust and know will work for your best golf. Shafts like KBS, Rifle, ACCRA, UST will be the offerings for new custom clubs.

We will be doing YouTube comparisons in the near future. For a fitting or to learn more about this new amazing venture in custom golf equipment please contact at us at 70-941-4653 or

clubmaker of the Year,,, WE won!!

after day one of the PGA show was in the books, We were treated to an awards ceremony where We were awarded the Midwest Clubmaker of the Year!! there were 7 other regional clubmakers of the year with one worldwide COY.  All are great guys. For more information on the international clubmakers/ clubfitters guild. go to  there you can join the best in the industry.

A special thanks to My Wife Robin who has kept me grounded these many years. If not for her, this would not have happened,

2017 PGA show day 1 on the floor

Day one of the real PGA show and day three of our trip. finds McGolf on the show room floor.

Today we start our down our list of vendors and complete out meetings that were scheduled before our trip.  We found Fat Matt, Neuro science, Callaway, Hole more putts, MLA putters, Golf Mechanix and Twisted Frog

Fat Matt is a stance training matt that can adjust for any lie any up or down for stance and then any lie back, forward up or down for the lie of the ball. A very forward thinking training tool.

Neuro Science is  series of tabs that when placed on the body nd the putter connect the central nervous system and place it in alignment. I did the demonstration and what they put me through worked.

Callaway is Callaway an OEM juggernught, The new Toulon putters, Oworks putters along with the EPIC line are certainly awesome adds the lineup and Mr. Toulon is a brilliant add to the company.

Hole more putts is a computerized training aid that monitors your putting style then gives you training tasks to bring your putting in line.

MLA putters is the surprise for me. The MLA group uses a unique sight line to well align your putts. A milled putter combined with the new age sight line and the ball rolls to the hole. Now they introduced an adjustable weighted putter. I putted right handed and putt like a pro.  must check out putter.

golf mechanix is a tool supplier that make massively useful tools. for the clubmaker. See my YouTube channel for a review.

Twisted Frog, What can I say, we went there because Robin likes frogs. They are makers of spring loaded divot tools with cool frog logos on the ball markers, The divot repair tool has the shape of an "M" and is to be used in the forward pressing motion not the "pop up theturf" motion.


During bright and blustery weather in Orlando Florida we found the 2017 PGA Demo Day. A day when PGA professionals and industry professionals get to "lay hands on" most of the golf gear and some select accessories. Each year the major OEMs bring their latest offerings in hopes that another customer will want to add their products to their stocks.

Below and in sections are some the pictures and descriptions of the places we visited

Above is the Wilson and Bettinardi products. The Wilson Triton was on full display along with the D300 series clubs. These are the distance clubs. The stronger lofted irons using the flex face technology and wider soles for max forgiveness. The driver is superlight and you might just see it in play on the tour! The V6 iron is built for the mid to better player with a smaller sole and players like cavity. This one great looking head for sure and topped with multiple shaft options. Of course the blades are gorgeous too.

The Bettinardi line of putters has turned over this ear with redesigns of most of the family of putters such as the queen bee and series putters. There are new grips and coating available to knock down glare. Better pictures coming tomorrow.

the Callaway area was packed. However people were there to see more than just the EPIC driver and fairway woods. The new Oworks and Toulon putters were a big draw. The new Indianapolis was definitely a very unique and ADJUSTABLE putter. More on these products too.


We visited Fiberbuilt, International club fitters, Bettinardi putters, Fujikura, Flightscope, Tour Edge, golf skate caddy. Unfortunatley the connection here is not allowing transfer of pictures right now. On the next opportunity I will post more.



2017 PGA show day one ACCRA DEMO DAY

The ACCRA DEMO DAY is a collection of some of the best golf club fitters in the world. It is a chance for the folks at ACCRA Golf to inform the customers of the new products to be released in the upcoming season.

The ACCRA graphite shaft is made in Japan under tight tolerances. The Folks at ACCRA have designed families of shafts, meaning that once you are fit into a driver shaft they also make fairway wood and hybrid shafts that are specific individual designs/ profiles that result in the same feel and trajectories as the driver.

They also have a huge variety of weights a trajectory design from the 100 series models for the high launch condition to the 400 series line of shafts for the stronger golfer looking for lower ball flight.

In addition to the their own line of products they also handle the True Temper line of shafts and those that are available to the PFC performance fitting centers such as the new T110 hzdrus and the popular black red and yellow lines.

They just announced the return of the RIFLE shaft in the models in highly customized models for people like us at McGolf. These were the shaft we used almost exclusively. These will omly found at the PFCs making them even more desireable.