Day 3 PGA show floor

The first day on the floor of the PGA is typically filled with attendees shoulder to shoulder to get their business completed first thing. The floor is divided into two sides. the white carpet portion of the show is filled with the clothing vendors, Belts, Pants, shirts, hats, purses, jewelry and displays are in the side. Where the green carpeted side is filled with shop and equipment supplies, Divot tools, golf cars, OEMs of golf clubs, trophies, organization meetings, vacation groups and nations the supply products.

We did one video with Golf Mechanix, This company is the source for most of the golf tools golf companies and club guys like me use. He is one of a kind and a great person to talk too. see the video below.

We made excellent time looking around the show floor and made it to the new exhibitor area, We did not find any knock my socks off products, but I did find a very interesting teaching tool call chip-tac-toe from Roy Boy golf. we did see a bunch of vendors that we didn't get to see last year. See our tour in pictures below in two sections.

Day 2 the PGA demo day 2108

We had an early start to the Demo Day as Robin and I helped set up the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG)Tent. The ICG hosts its sponsors that would like to get a feel for the PGA without a huge investment. This year we had MR3 the maker of the Tru Blue loft and lie machine. For those of you who remember or know what the Scotland machine was this is an impressive upgrade to the original. Made in the USA the MR3 is very nice machine indeed. The most interesting sponsor with New Level Golf. Eric Burch has been a friend of mine for sometime and he is on a new adventure with a new company. We did a video for the company that has taken off! Check it out here


For the rest of the 400 yd diameter circle. The OEMs were in full swing. The Wilson layout also incorporated the launch of the driver vs driver TV series. The C300 is the new product for 2018 and if the numbers show up this could be a really nice setup for the golfer. The new RED is a real eye catcher and FUJI shaft in the clubs will certainly help with the performance and style.

Callaway, PING, Titleist all has very busy layouts while it appeared Taylormade and Cobra were struggling with attendance but that could be attributed to the time we went by the booth.

We did find some very neat ideas for getting around the course without using the golf cart. I really gravitated to the PHAT bike, an electric minibike that can hold an adult and clubs. We also discovered the ELLwee. The Ellwee is an electric four wheeler that has some serious guts. What you have to decide is whether or not you want to pay the same price for a different mode of transportation.

Check out the golf pride video.

There were a ton of other vendors and products see the pictures below for our tour.

2018 PGA show review Day 1 - ACCRA demo day

This trip marks our 15 yr of traveling to Orlando for the largest golf show on the planet.

Well over 30000 golfers, business owners and enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to Orange county convention center. The convention center allows for over 1 million square feet of show space to make this event happen.

Let get started.


The first stop in McPGA show week starts with the ACCRA Demo Day, We have been attending this event for the last 8 years. Each year the People from ACCRA always churn out something new for the custom clubmaker.  This event is attended by some of the best golf writers in the business. Jim Auchenbach from golf and Mike Stachura from Golf Digest are regulars. This year the FX line gets an upgrade and face lift. The FX line is Accra’s middle tier shaft that can fit just about every level and type of golfer.  The added bonus for the line if what I like to call the family of shafts. This company has seen fit to design a FW and Hybrid shaft to dynamically match the driver shaft that fits you. To date this is the only company that does this. Gone are the days of cutting down a heavier driver shaft for the fairway wood.  As usual, the golfing did not disappoint. The Orange Tree country club course was in excellent shape and the green were FAST!! Here is a link to the videos attached to the ACCRA Demo Day

ACCRA Demo Day

2018 PGA show week Day 1

Day one would be a misnomer in that the PGA show really has not started yet there are tons of vendors that have contacting their customers, enjoying the Florida sunshine and talking about the new products for the 2108. For the last 14 years ACCRA has put on what has become termed the Demo Day. Robin and I have been coming to this for at least 8 of the 14 years. ACCRA is a Japanese produced shaft. Tested and QA checked on a machine simply called the S3. This machine can totally review a shaft from butt to tip and ensure the same shaft I received for my fitting system is the same that you will get when I build a Driver Fairway or hybrid.

ACCRA is represented on ALL the tours. All of them, and they have wins to boot. The ACCRA shafts cover weight ranges from 40 g to 80g in drivers in different models, have lines of shaft for just about every level of golfer and the consistency is second to none.

Just before we left for the PGA show I put in a FX shaft into a Callaway driver and it has new life. The golfer just answered a Facebook message that he shot a 36 on the front nine using the new shaft.

Check out the McGolf YouTube channel for the latest from ACCRA at the demo day.

Tomorrow is the PGA Demo day and we should have more for you to enjoy.

McGolf Visits French Lick Indiana golf resort.

What does an award winning club guy do for fun? Goes golfing of course.

Mrs McGolf wanted a get away and we invited some friend to take in French Lick. Home of the Pete Dye and Don Ross Courses, Casinos and small town living.

We were able to take in a horse and buggy ride (bucket List Item)

bucket list ,,, check

bucket list ,,, check

Then A friend and I went played the Pete Dye course first. You need to see the pictures below. The course is not for the faint of heart. The fore caddie is there to help you however good placement of the golf ball and a confident putting stroke are essential to good scores. I had 0 of 2 but still enjoyed the round. Three things I look for when visiting a golf course. 1) The atmosphere due to the people, 2) The condition of the course, 3) the challenge of the course, ridiculous vs playable. This course has all three.

Moving to the Don Ross Course,. This course is celebrating its 100 yr anniversary. We were told the owners sent somewhere in the neighbor hood of 5 million, to put the course back to the original designs. Again the course was in tip top condition. Want to know why the scores 100 years ago were so high? a few of the greens were nearly impossible to one putt or even two putt. One hole could easily be conceivable to assume a 4 putt. The par threes are on average 220 so bring you long game. 


remember those check points point 1) I felt like it was my fault I was golfing even taking the eclipse during the outing, 2) the course was in nearly perfect shape and the layout was much to my liking except 3) On only a few holes the greens needs a wind mill to give direction.

I am glad I did this trip once, Because a bad day at the course is better than a good day at the office. If you are looking for a grown up environment for an overnight stay, French Lick certainly is the place. The funniest part of our trip is my favorite course was not part of the resort. more on that later.

New WIlson Clubs and a new attitude

A customer that has been a long time golfer with us came in for a fitting after not getting the same service as he got 7years ago here. During the fitting I saw a swing issue and asked his current handicap. 

He said 21, I about fell out since the last time I we spoke (years ago) it was a 0. After discussing the swing issue and putting a club that was right under him. the swing speed jumped 10 mpg and the quality of hit resulted in a 20 plus yard gain and a direction that would allow him to score again. 

The Wilson D300 with KBS 105g shafts and Golf Pride CP2 wraps cut, flexed, and bent resulted in a great smash factor and better yet a positive attitude to play golf again.


Custom Fit AND Custom Build only at McGolf - Wilson

Custom Fit, Custom Made,

lower scores. Wilson designs are better than ever.

Wilson golf has a reputation for irons. They have a long standing history for Winning majors and tour events alike. However, their driver, fairway and hybrid categories were wanting. The F series offerings were typically good with the rest needing help, not necessarily from a performance stand point but a cosmetic point of view. Enter a new idea. 

Wilson golf made a huge splash with the driver vs driver reality TV series, so much so they are doing it again. Unfortunately the genius of the show was over shadowed by the non conforming ruling passed down by the USGA. Two rulings, one and in my opinion was very questionable and the second squarely on Wilson.

Never the less, Wilson took on a new designer a few years ago and the resulting irons are nothing short of competitive with the larger OEMs. To the point, the V6 iron received the "most wanted" for the players iron. Here is my video on the iron long before the award.

What makes a good iron better? A custom fit and finishing that off with a custom build. McGolf is one of only a few in the US that can custom fit AND custom build the Wilson product. This allows us to put in shafts and put on grips that might not otherwise by available to off the shelf selections.

Award winning designs, Award winning custom fit, Award winning builds all results is seeing your scores going low. Contact us for better golf.