ACCRA Demo Day

2018 PGA show week Day 1

Day one would be a misnomer in that the PGA show really has not started yet there are tons of vendors that have contacting their customers, enjoying the Florida sunshine and talking about the new products for the 2108. For the last 14 years ACCRA has put on what has become termed the Demo Day. Robin and I have been coming to this for at least 8 of the 14 years. ACCRA is a Japanese produced shaft. Tested and QA checked on a machine simply called the S3. This machine can totally review a shaft from butt to tip and ensure the same shaft I received for my fitting system is the same that you will get when I build a Driver Fairway or hybrid.

ACCRA is represented on ALL the tours. All of them, and they have wins to boot. The ACCRA shafts cover weight ranges from 40 g to 80g in drivers in different models, have lines of shaft for just about every level of golfer and the consistency is second to none.

Just before we left for the PGA show I put in a FX shaft into a Callaway driver and it has new life. The golfer just answered a Facebook message that he shot a 36 on the front nine using the new shaft.

Check out the McGolf YouTube channel for the latest from ACCRA at the demo day.

Tomorrow is the PGA Demo day and we should have more for you to enjoy.