2018 PGA show review Day 1 - ACCRA demo day

This trip marks our 15 yr of traveling to Orlando for the largest golf show on the planet.

Well over 30000 golfers, business owners and enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to Orange county convention center. The convention center allows for over 1 million square feet of show space to make this event happen.

Let get started.


The first stop in McPGA show week starts with the ACCRA Demo Day, We have been attending this event for the last 8 years. Each year the People from ACCRA always churn out something new for the custom clubmaker.  This event is attended by some of the best golf writers in the business. Jim Auchenbach from golf and Mike Stachura from Golf Digest are regulars. This year the FX line gets an upgrade and face lift. The FX line is Accra’s middle tier shaft that can fit just about every level and type of golfer.  The added bonus for the line if what I like to call the family of shafts. This company has seen fit to design a FW and Hybrid shaft to dynamically match the driver shaft that fits you. To date this is the only company that does this. Gone are the days of cutting down a heavier driver shaft for the fairway wood.  As usual, the golfing did not disappoint. The Orange Tree country club course was in excellent shape and the green were FAST!! Here is a link to the videos attached to the ACCRA Demo Day