2016 PGA show trip day 3: The Show opens with a Storm

2016 PGA show DAY 3: the show opens with a Storm PT 1            

This is not the first day to have rain at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show but it is the first for us to have rain on the first day ALL DAY. The day opened to a slow breakfast and a fast walk to the main floor doors. We arrived about 3 minutes after the opening ceremonies concluded and remained in a state of limbo for another 3 minutes until word arrived to the security people to allow us safe passage to the land of golf and well, golf.

The first day is the first chance to make an impression to potential customers, get reacquainted with old friends and get the show on the road to meet the vendors we listed prior to leaving Ohio. Today was top of my list of days ever. I met with Bettinardi Putters and met the owner and designer Bob Bettinardi. He and his staff are wonderful and the designs are just as nice and functional. The Kutcher model is the number one seller and for a good reason. The wide sole and extra weight makes for a stable putter and the lines are very clean. If you are looking for an alternative to the belly putter, the arm lock models will get you there and putting is a breeze.

We met with the people from H2. This company has seen many transitions from a component line to an accessories line that carries the trionZ bracelets and now copper compression wear, Reebok sunglasses,  Henry Taylor Wedges and the typical tees and cleats. The TrionZ has been a staple in our shop since the beginning always changing with the times and styles. The new compression wear seems to be what golfers will need. We are still looking that over. The Reebok sunglasses have a great fit even for my big head and are UVA and UVB protective. The Henry Taylor Wedge is a nice with a spread the word deal that is hard to beat.

Callaway was a great visit in that we will be one of only a select number of shops in Ohio to have a Callaway fitting cart. This is a great opportunity to get fit to a proper driver and irons. Spending money wisely and getting great clubs in the process. I had the massive pleasure to meet Roger Cleveland and get schooled on the bounce of the PM wedges. PERFECT!! The Callaway line is strong again with the XR and XR pro models, The Alpha is geared for the better player however I suspect a boogey golfer could easily wield this driver.  The APEX got a little smaller to fit the better players eye and the wedges come with various groove dimensions to help with spin. A great line up through the company.

This is the first of a 2 part article, there was too much stuff to cover.