2016 PGA show trip day 2: Demo Day

2016 PGA show trip DAY2: The Demo Day

Our day started at 0500, what’s the o stand for? OH My God it’s early, to steal a phrase.  Robin and I volunteered to help set up the ICG tent for the organization I belong too. The ICG is truly an international organization of clubfitters that span the globe. The group is made up of industry professionals, professional clubmakers and club fitters, swing professionals and suppliers. An eclectic group to be sure.  The best part about the time spent was watching the range wake up with activity and the sun come over the far side of the Orange county National range. This range is over 400 yds in diameter and in tip top shape for the event. Seeing the exhibitors coming in to finish setup, start setup up and just be organized is a treat to see. This let us know that we weren’t the only one feeling our way through the event.

I will throw in some pictures of the range as it wakes up and the people arrive. It will make for good start to the day.

After we got our time in, Robin and I set out to walk the "Ring of Golf" and see if there was something earth shattering and investigate claims of equipment propaganda. You will see pictures not of the big OEMs because their budget is large enough to ensure you see all things golf from their company.

1) Right out of the box, Wilson has hit a home run with the C200 irons. Without going over the marketing story, these irons are forgiving, look great and will surprise even the better golfer. The lofts are stronger but the flight is higher resulting in added length. The Recoil shaft, a favorite of mine, helps with a smooth feel and great launch. The M5 series is for the average better player to the better player. The forged irons have vibration dampeners placed in strategic locations. The head has smooth lines and appears to be getting favor on tour for the taller irons. The M5 driver is another big surprise. The clean modern look (for a change) and very nice shaft installment makes for a silent upstart in the field of drivers. The M5 line continues through the fairways and hybrids and nothing disappoints. Finishing the Wilson surprise is the wedge line. Various finishes, lofts and grinds makes for a large selection to get the best turf interaction and spin possible.

Another pleasant surprise was Bridgestone. This company finally released left handed golf clubs! Not all the models mind you but at least a good line that most golfers could handle. The new model drivers were getting plenty of praise on the tee line and the new irons were sailing the ball to targets selected by most golfers. Follow this up with their wedges and you can have a complete line of high performing irons, hybrids and drivers. Keep an eye out the JGR and J815 and the J15F models. They only problem with the Bridgestone products is that Bridgestone itself spends a majority of the money on their golf ball and little to no money on the equipment which could stand shoulder to shoulder with the competition.

The veteran’s golfers association was in the Wilson booth area. After talking to the leader of the group, I received a challenge coin. It was a great honor to be given this in my opinion. I hope to be helping out in the future.

The Cobra hitting area was jumping as always and you can see the type of environment surrounding the booth by the video I have below. Cobra has a large line to compete in the market. I like the variety and the daring designs. However it didn’t fit my eye or performance. That is not to say that most golfers hit the snot out of the balls. I hit them fine, I justliked the other brands before. I like the attitude, the design but I would recommend hitting them first.

While walking around the Ring of Golf I couldn’t but notice the abundance of skateboard like trolleys for getting around the course. Battery operated very large skateboards that carries a golfer, golf clubs and some even have a seat. I think these are very cool, but may be cost prohibitive. Mountain range golf courses and you know who you are, will not do well with these however, mild terrain to large moguls will be fun and give some add exercise to the round.

Golf Pride is adding to their very successful CP2 line with an undersized model and a new softer putter grip. Normally Golf Pride struggles with putter grips but this one is sure to satisfy. More will come later in the week.

Among the golf equipment were accessories. One that caught our eye was the skin screen products. After my skin cancer issue I have become a bit sensitive to the issue. The product from SKIN screen golf is a SPF30 cream that is not greasy and stays with you. Individual packets are perfect for the golfer on the go. They don’t take up space in the bag and cover you in one packet.

We also found Sketchers golf shoes. The look is more traditional than you would think and if it has the sole of the original brand it might be just want we are looking for men and women. Robin liked them because they looked soft and comfy (her words).

One of the ICG sponsors, Veylik golf is introducing a wedge with conforming and non-conforming grooves. The Anthem wedge comes in right and left handed models although more right handed models than left handed, which is to be expected. The modified K grind on the sole make the wedge easy to hit out of the rough and well as hard pan. The non-conforming groove model will rip the cover off the ball.  The regular model is the same shape and size with a less aggressive face. Modifications by a professional to make it look good to the golfer will be easy if needed. check out the picture of the wedge faces you can SEE the difference.

I finally returned the photo bomb to our friends at Pure Grips. It is in the picture list.

There will be plenty of pictures, take your time look at them and let me know if there is anything you like or don’t like, want to see more of or don’t.

Now on to the most important part of the day. Supper! There are some other pictures not described in this article. The first one to find it and ask about it will get a Wilson C200 hat.