2016 PGA show DAY3 :pt II

Bridgestone is aggressively taking back its market share of the golf ball line with the new Line of B330 golf balls. The new cores and new wear resistant cover makes for a new and improved golf ball that will last just about till you lose it (get that play on the situation). The line of Bridgestone gloves is impressive to say the least with a variety of styles, prices and fit. There was even a camo glove.  Most surprising to me was the support an display space the actual golf clubs received.  Check out the pictures. The Driver is strong and looks very modern, the Irons have always been solid now there is a more player friendly model and the wedges are always very nice AND they make lefty stuff!!!! This is a company to keep an eye on again.

Speaking of new eyes, HAPPY PUTTER is a new vendor this year with a fully adjustable club that receive Golf Digest award of GOLD. Very soft and very handy and with a new sight line mod to just about any line alignment available.

Jumbo Max has redone the line with better textures and colors and simpler sizing. The Putter grips has a great feel too and we should be seeing plenty of this company due to a certain Amateur player doing very well in the professional tour right now. Congrats guys.

Golf Pride introduced the new putter grips and the lead for the year. In addition to the new putter grips, a smaller size was added to the already popular CP lie. This grip is the softer grip with an amazing tack. The MCC 4Plus was a top seller and will remain in the dual decade family.

Tomorrow we will complete our list of places to see and vendors to meet. Please let me know soon if there is another item you would like to see.