2016 PGA show trip, Day one ACCRA demo day

Thus it begins, The 2016 PGA show trip, Day one the ACCRA Demo Day.

Although not affiliated with the PGA show, other companies like to show off products to the folks who will use them properly. The Accra golf shaft company is a premiere golf shaft company producing high quality shafts only for professional club fitters. This company does not pay to have its product played on tour unlike most other OEMs and still finds a way to record wins and usage on the various professional tours and the Ryder cup. Some very GOOD golfers are playing this product. Come into the shop and find out who.

Today marks our 5th anniversary to this gathering and I have played with professional and award winning club fitters from England, South Africa, Canada, Germany, Spain and even Ohio. I have also played with tour reps and met outstanding media people such and Mike Stachura and Jim Auchenbach of Golf Digest and Golfweek respectively.  This year GolfWRX and multiple Canadian publications covered the event.

This year will be a year of change and positive progression, ACCRA announced its business dealings with KBS has come to an end however, a very interesting and energetic association has come to light with True Temper. This compilation looks to be a jump start to the season for both ACCRA and True Temper. The PFC (Professional Fitting Center) will see upgrades and other shafts that I personally like will be available to professional club fitters only. So, lots to take in and even more to investigate to see what we will bring you for the best golf and lower scores. This doesn’t mean KBS is out of business or we are stopping  usage of the product. All it means it change is in the air and it looks to be good for everyone.

ACCRA itself has expanded the irons shaft offerings for those looking for lower ball flight with great feel in the ISERIES TOUR shafts and has a lower launch high spin wedge shaft. Yes, I said low launch high spin. Closing out the iron shafts is the NEW ICWT shafts available in 85, 95 and 105g. Constant weight shafts for particular flight control.  The driver shafts are just as important and I found out the Fx series (my personal favorite) was the bestselling shaft of the year and will continue this year.  Another great feature of the shaft is personalization. You can get you name, a companies catch phrase, etc. etched into the shaft. The Tour Z saw a facelift with the TourZx. The Tour Zx is made in two models, one is a lower launch and lower spin where the second model is a high launching lower spin shaft. I was able to hit both the new Tour Zx and the concept series driver shafts. I have to say there are some real winners coming from Canada in the form of ACCRA shafts.

Look to see more of ACCRA at McGolf and look for your golf to get better and feel good.