Nick gets some McTaylormades with the help of ACCRA and Lamkin

Remember Nick? He is the very strong golfer that I made some McTitliest blades with KBS C tapers and when frequency matched and bent to the right lie angle they replaced his gamers.

Now on an educated guess we went with the ACCRA FX 300 series shafts. These shafts are the culmination of all things good that ACCRA does. Dynamic matching, frequency matching on the different models of the same flex and S3 certification. Nick's swing is very aggressive however combined with a slight over the top move the flex can more to the swing speed and less to the actions of the swing.

We put the ACCRA M5 300 series in the Taylormade now McTaylormade driver fairway wood and the hybrid. I am sure he is hitting in his barn right now due to the snow storm descending on the area right now.  Lamkin crossline with a one wrap build up on the lower hand was the perfect call for comfort and control.

Thanks Nick for the vote of confidence. For the rest of you take a look and the new sticks for a very good golfer