Husband and Wife with a combined handicap of 10!!

Connie and Bob made a 3 hour trip based on a recommendation from Pauline, a lady that was published in the golf digest,

Both are great golfers with different needs and low handicaps. Connie is smooth with a late release and has been using men's clubs because ladies clubs were to flexible.  Bobs transition is hard but the is smooth and has a particular feel.

Ladies tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to equipment and this was no different for Connie. It turns out we needed to make irons a little longer than standard for ladies and put some weight in the putter to get things better. Although a great putter already, some minor tweaks really set off that part of her game. Wedges with particular soles will bring her short game to a new level.

Bob was nonchalant about the equipment but as the fitting went on you could tell that he was wondering about new irons. Bob needed a lighter weight with out sacrificing feel.  The AXE shaft provide that very thing. Couple the shaft to a wishon forged irons and some wedges with KBS hi 610 shaft and the iron play will be out of site.