Wishon, Orka, ACCRA, AXE and Winn come together for a great set of clubs

Another new friend near West Virginia made a visit for a fitting. Brent is a golfer with some skills and just needed a boost with some new gear to reach the next level. He hit the ball with a little fade. To help with the fade ORKA irons with a slightly offset irons with a little extra sole was the right call. The Wishon driver and ORKA hybrids with the ACCRA shafts are perfect match. The final piece to the puzzle was the Winn grips that fit the hands and the golfing environment. The putter finished off the set and Piretti was the best fitt with extra weight and the loft and lie makes for a great set.

The best part is we just received and email about the set and they are performing well. Give us a call and schedule your best golf.