C Tapers and McGolf Help Nick

What you see below is a set of clubs for a player. What is a player you ask? Well, it certainly isn’t me, it is person who strikes the ball well in most every condition and control the flight up and down, right or left. It is at this junction in the golf career that a golfer will move from game improving irons to a player’s cavity to Muscle Back (MBs) or Blades. MB’s are completely sexy, like my wife. Like my wife they are hard to control. However, when you hit the MBs (not my wife) flush there is no better feeling.

Nick is at that point in his game where the Blades are a design he can use effectively. What he was lacking is the proper shaft for his swing. During the Flightscope powered Iron fitting we found the proper length and lie angle then married the swing to the proper swing profile of the shafts we carry at McGolf. In this instance the KBS C-Taper was the perfect fit.

Nick produced some Titleist MBs from his car and asked to make them into the custom set he needed.

I took the heads and polished them as much any chrome head would allow. Then we personalized the clubs with his initials (at his request). Throw a little paint fill in and viola a very nice looking club head.

Once the correct shafts arrived, we assembled the clubs to specifications determined during Nick's fitting. We ended up with standard length clubs, ½ degree flat, one degree strong and flex in the middle of the “X” range. His Lamkin crosslines were modified to fit his style grip to complete the clubs.

Nick hit some balls on our range to test a few of the clubs from the set see if the finished product was correct. Nick placed the new Stix in his car and was off for a round of golf the next morning.

Thanks Nick for the business and the opportunity to work with a very good golfer.