Check out the ORKA driver for ED

If you have been reading the blog,,,, Ed came to McGolf for a fitting after his daughter had some success after her visit here. 

Ed ordered a set of irons that has help propel his latest scores of 72, 71 and 69 in competition. He called the other day and said "its time for the driver"

Ed has a very rhythmic swing with a late release and does not miss a fairway. His feel is very keen and finding the driver for him was challenge that day because his best stuff didn't come with him.  Frustrated at the lack of quality hits we went through the process again later and boy were quality shots in season.

Funny thing, both times he hit the ORKA GS5 12 degree driver with a UST tourspx shaft the best during both fittings. Orka designs their drivers and woods with a face that is square at address making them a choice for the average to better player. This suited Ed to a tee. See the play on words there. Finally we placed the new black and grey MCC4 golf pride grip on the all gray and black club for a professional high end look. Check it out!