2017 PGA show day 1 on the floor

Day one of the real PGA show and day three of our trip. finds McGolf on the show room floor.

Today we start our down our list of vendors and complete out meetings that were scheduled before our trip.  We found Fat Matt, Neuro science, Callaway, Hole more putts, MLA putters, Golf Mechanix and Twisted Frog

Fat Matt is a stance training matt that can adjust for any lie any up or down for stance and then any lie back, forward up or down for the lie of the ball. A very forward thinking training tool.

Neuro Science is  series of tabs that when placed on the body nd the putter connect the central nervous system and place it in alignment. I did the demonstration and what they put me through worked.

Callaway is Callaway an OEM juggernught, The new Toulon putters, Oworks putters along with the EPIC line are certainly awesome adds the lineup and Mr. Toulon is a brilliant add to the company.

Hole more putts is a computerized training aid that monitors your putting style then gives you training tasks to bring your putting in line.

MLA putters is the surprise for me. The MLA group uses a unique sight line to well align your putts. A milled putter combined with the new age sight line and the ball rolls to the hole. Now they introduced an adjustable weighted putter. I putted right handed and putt like a pro.  must check out putter.

golf mechanix is a tool supplier that make massively useful tools. for the clubmaker. See my YouTube channel for a review.

Twisted Frog, What can I say, we went there because Robin likes frogs. They are makers of spring loaded divot tools with cool frog logos on the ball markers, The divot repair tool has the shape of an "M" and is to be used in the forward pressing motion not the "pop up theturf" motion.