Vicki Upgrades Her Iron Game

Vicki is an avid golfer and is part of a family that collects holes in one like I collect golf balls.

Vicki was looking for better golf from her irons. Her current set was made for the general Lady golfer. Fortunately, Vicki not not the average lady golfer with a stronger swing and club head speed bigger than the current set could stand. Ladies, If you are an avid golfer and playing women's clubs chances are the equipment to flexible, to short and pink. If you would like to find better golf like Vicki did in a non stress professional environment, give us a call.

The fitting showed the swing needed just a tweak for better contact. After the testing the was complete we found the Wishon 771 irons with the Recoil shaft 400 series model for light weight and Winn grips the best choice for the best golf. Then made to the proper length and bent to the right lofts and lie made for a tight ball flight and consistent dispersion. I think she was happy!

Thanks Vicki