Black is the new white for Jason

Jason was well,,,, shall we say struggling with the driver.

As you can tell by the picture Jason is a strong golfer. Like every other golfer he lost his way with the big dog. During the fitting we identified a couple of swing issues to help get the ball in the fairway. Then we determined the proper shaft and loft of the driver to get the right spin and launch characteristics. Because of his strong release, Jason needed a shaft more stiff than if just going by his swing speed. We also found a little heavier shaft let him find the club during the swing. The numbers with the Xcaliber tour driver shaft where a leap better than the same flex with a lighter shaft.

Finally, as a small tweak to the black driver, I placed a small weight in the hosel to help Jason close the club. This is a trick used by club makers when wood woods were in vogue. Jason picked up a Wishon 919th, Xcaliber tour shaft and a Golf Pride CP2 grip.

Thank You Jason