Wishon, ACCRA and Pure Grip Strike Again

Mr. Beers was looking to regain some distance off the tee. His miss was a hook and after displaying a 110 mpg swing speed I could tell the current shaft head combo were not right. We settled on a Wishon 919th with the new black sole and face upgrade. Then we added an ACCRA TourZ and topped it off with a red PURE grip. I am sure the hooks will not be found for some time and he can step into the driver with no worries.  We also put a balance certified weight to put the feel in the hands not the head. a great looking combo.

You might say "Hey Jim, there are some other pics on the article too" I'd have to say yep! Mr Beers was wanting to try out some other hybrid styles.  I had some shaft pulls from my new Callaways and put them in the Adams with some new White Pure Grips. At least they look good if they don't work out.