McCallaway, ACCRA, Golf Pride and the Fairway Woods

The ACCRA Fx series shafts are gaining serious popularity, A friend of McGolf came in for a fitting and placed an ACCRA Fx200 in a new Callaway Big Bertha driver. We coined "McCallaway" after improving the club with an ACCRA shaft and a Golf Pride Dual Decade grip. The special part about this build is the ability to dynamically match the fairway woods and hybrids to the driver. Soooooooo, when the driver worked, our friend went for the gold ( I said that because the ACCRA is a yellow-gold color) and put some brand new ACCRA Fx 200 fairway wood shafts into some new Callaway Big Bertha FW's. Another McCallaway ready for play. I cant go much further without mentioning the Golf Pride grips. An excellent match in color to the shaft and performance with the half cord design.