This is my new driver! he says

After an all day father and son fitting with my new friends from the West Virginia area we found out new sticks were in order for our new 13 year old acquaintance.

J.R. is a 13 year golfer with a great future ahead of him. His swing is still a work in progress but he is strong and with some time and instruction J.R. could take his game to a very high level.

During his fitting he struggled. I think he struggle mostly due to lack of practice but we found the Wishon 771 irons with Recoil shafts and of course green PURE grips to be a great fit. the set was finished with matching green ferrules.

The driver was the biggest improvement! A wishon 919th HL with an Xcaliber model 5 and the GREEN PURE grip at the right length, flex, loft and face closure put the ball down range pretty close to dad. The best feeling a fitter can have is when a golfer turns to him and says "this is my new driver".

I know, I know, everybody loves the long ball. BUT,,, when I asked him to put a few balls in the 50yd bucket with a wedge he put down the driver, grabbed a Wishon HM groove wedgeshafted with a Recoil shaft and proceeded to thump a ball of the front of bucket.

J.R. will have no problems getting the ball airborne and throw darts at the green with a little more time on the course or at the range. I can see him being a leader on and off a very good golf team. Good luck J.R. and thanks again.