I haven't had a new set of irons in 15 years

Another friend from the West Virginia Area found us via the Wishon website. M.R. brought his son for a father and son fitting. After the day long session we found that Dad was a fluid smooth swinger looking for distance, control and feel, Huh like most of us. M.R. is a wonderful person with a great positive attitude and it was a pleasure working with him and his son. See the next post for the son's (J. R.) set.

Dad found the WIshon 575 cavity back set with KBS tour shafts to the proper flex, FLO'd and spine found, bent to the correct lie and lofts to deliver a great feel. The ball flight looked like one belonging to a low handicapper. The Blue PURE DTX grips and the blue ferrule set the irons off and gave a personal feel.

The driver In his bag was 1.5" too long. and too stiff. The new Wishon 919th with a UST mamyia TOURSPX shaft and PURE blue grip immediately changed his control and put the ball in play quite a ways down the range. We coupled matching shafts from UST and Grips from PURE into the Wishon 950 #3 FW and (2) wishon 775 hybrids.

I learned a lot about electric cars during the fitting and where to get some very cool head covers. Thanks again and make sure you put the first drive pass J.R.