Callaway Odyssey Oworks putters at McGolf

Going forward I will very tough on putters. Meaning if they do not do as expected you will not find them at McGolf.

The first entry is the Callaway O Works Putter line. Honestly, the Odyssey line was getting a bit stale. You can only remake the 2ball only so many times before repeating your self. The introduction of Mr. Toulon has already been felt with the Microhinge technology. The claim is that the ball will start rolling immediately after being struck. I am not fully convinced however the resultant putter feels much like a soft forged putter and the distance control is better than in past models of the same number. The face inserts of the past had "hot spots" this new OWORKS line is very stable and well dressed. The colors and alignment draw your eyes to the proper area of the putter for target seeking. Another positive change is the availability of different shaft offsets and weights.

After a McGolf Fitting you are sure to have a great putter when you leave.