The First set of Single Lengths Irons Leave McGolf for Maryland

The idea of single lengths have been around for some time. However a good set was never realized because club head design was lacking. regular sets of club heads needed significant modification making the set expensive.

Now Bryson DeChambeau a physics graduate, reigning amateur champion and new tour professional has made single length irons the talk of the PGA tour. His heavily modified Edel irons are in play and Bryson is performing at a high level right away.

Enter Wishon golf technologies, Timing is everything, Tom Wishon upon a request from a local pro designed a set of single length irons that produce distinct distance gaps with the use of high COR heads in the lower numbered irons and forgiving cavity back irons in the higher numbered irons to reduce the flight distance.

In theory the single length set makes all kinds of sense. However, golf being a very traditional sport, acceptance is hard to come by. It is because of the success of Bryon DeChambeau that increased acceptance is occurring.

A new McGolf Friend called from Maryland looking for the iron set. After a series of questions I began to make my first set using the UST mamayia recoil 95 shafts and golf pride 2G white grips. They are going out the door first thing Monday. Thanks and Enjoy.

See the final results. If you are interested in Single length irons come and try out the demos I have ready for testing.