Tell me if youv'e heard this one

A guy walks into a McGolf Shop and says "I'm looking for a hybrid" the good lookin golf chic behind the counter says "we have plenty to choose from" he says "but I want it today before my golf trip tomorrow" The Golf chic says "hit this and this and let me know". The bald Golf Nerd (me) says "I can put an ACCRA shaft into an ORKA clubhead right now" After he drills the demo the golfs says "OK".

Then we proceed to build the new golf tool for the golfer. 30-45 min later he has an I SERIES ACCRA hybrid shaft that I can match later in an ORKA golf Hybrid with a Golf Pride CP2 grip fit to his hands. The best part is that this is no joke. He just got the treatment the pros get at McGolf.