Guess Which Shaft Company is at McGolf

ACCRA Golf is who!.

ACCRA has a full line of shafts that can fit just about any golfer. In the picture from right to left you see the ISeries of shafts. This shaft comes in multiple weights and flexes and is rapidly becoming the standard shaft for our builds.

Next is the FX Series- I am very excited about this line of shafts. Not only is it brilliant in the color schemes but each color is for a particular flight. Blue is lighter to standard weight with higher ball flight, the Red is middle ball flight and the yellow is for the stronger golfer looking for lower flights. One of the best attributes to the FX SERIES and the ISERIES shafts is the ability to match a fairway wood shaft and a hybrid shaft to the driver. The people at ACCRA have dynamically matched the shafts to produce the proper feel and performance. No more wondering if the right shaft is in the supporting cast to the driver.

Finally is the newest the line and an upgrade to the tourZ shafts (currently in my driver) is the TOURZX, an upgraded version of the tourZ for tighter dispersion closer tolerances and performance.

We are in the process of changing out the shafts in our demo FWs and hybrids to the ACCRA line. In a day or two you will be able to feel what the best are playing on tour and on the local courses.