2016 PGA show DAY 4: finalize the list

After a long night visiting and finishing the last article Robin, Dad and I started the day off proper with a Denny’s Breakfast. Make a note to self. If there is a choice between IHOP and the Denny’s 50 yds further down the road. TAKE DENNY’S!

We went over the list of the remaining vendors on the list. Piretti is last on the list but first on the pictures. The line of milled in the USA putters is not changing much. A few slow moving putters will be eliminated and others will be offered in a new black coating stronger and more rust resistant than the previous PVD finish. The ever popular Cottonwood wood II and Teramo will be the staple of the company and the extraordinary putters such as one off putters, special one of a kind putters and Tour Only putters.

We stopped by the flightscope booth to see friends and ask some technical questions to increase the performance of the flightscope and our sessions of fittings. After the Tech AJ helped me, he then proceeded to explain a headband that monitors brain wave activity. Why do we need this you ask? Well, it monitors your concentration before and during the swing.  It is proven that you need to be focused and “in the Zone” to play the best golf possible. That’s how the Pros do it weather they recognize it or not.  This unit helps train you to get into that state of mind to play better golf.

See Henri Johnson the owner and designer as well as Mrs. M. Nell VP of Sale.

I was asked to see what the colors of grips would be this year. Well the best place to go for this was PURE grips. This is 100% rubber grip and comes in three different styles and a rainbow of colors. The PURE is a very long lasting grip and the people there are great. I didnt photo bombed but got some really good pictures and got to know the folks there better.

The second guy golf clothing line started in the ICG room and has experience some great success in the past year. The styles are not over the top and top boring. They are also a non prfit group that gives money to multiple charities such as the wound warrior and housing for children in South America. The Owner is Russ Ortiz a Pitcher for the SF Giants. All the folks at 2GG are friendly and willing to help. Check out the 2GGappareal.com site and get a great shirt and help others in the process.

Superstroke was on the list of vendors to see. We visited the area and found new regular grips available. In addition to the regular grips the putter line change to a counter core technology. Meaning they are offering the standard putter grips with the back weight. We are placing an order tomorrow to get the latest in grips in for you. Primarily the slim grip model and flatso models.

I also stumble onto some new tech in the show but must research a little further before I announce anymore.