Doctors are the best patients

Dr. Matt came in looking for new clubs to replace some dated pings.

After reviewing the data during the fitting and taking into account this golfers needs we found the added length on the Piretti putter, the Wishon clubs will help save the back issues while providing control of the powerful swing he produces.

In order to get the added length without sacrificing the control, weight or feel we found the Recoil tourspx shaft worked best. TourSPX shaft are only found in select custom shops. This model allowed me to make the needed changes to address Dr. Matt's fitting spec's.

Again the wedge from Wishon will adapt to most any playing position, the driver was hand selected and bent into the proper face angle and loft angle. The irons received the BRAND NEW colored ferulles. Blue is the favorite color so viola blue on the club. The Winn Drytek grip will help reduce the vibration and give a sticky feel.

Thanks for the business!!!!