McGolf Continues the Ladies Fittings with an LPGA Member

When completing the Masters like build ( see other posts in our blog) another McGolf Friend from West Virginia wanted to visit. Turns out she is an LPGA member, instructor, writer and healer.

Judie is a very accomplished golfer and her putting stroke is just fantastic. It is always a pleasure to talk golf while performing a fitting. I get so many ideas about the swing and how other professionals approach similar issues.

Fitting the putter was amazing, we used her original putter and made it slightly shorter, bent it to the proper lie/ loft angles, added a superstroke #1 grip and topped it off with a balance certified weight to over come a very slight tremor. When she picked the PING putter up it allowed her balance to be on the slight line and the added weight in the grip smoothed out the short stroke. Her posture and stroke were text book.

When we completed the iron and driver fitting, we found the Wishon 560 a forgiving forged clubhead matched to an Xcaliber tour shaft. This shaft fit Judie because  she wanted to feel the club head weight but needed a lighter shaft. The tour shaft was the perfect call. We added three Callaway hybrids and dropped fairway woods from the bag. Finally we placed the Wishon 919th HL (we didn't want a loft number on the bottom) with an ultralight shaft to create a little extra head speed.

Oh, she wanted green in the logo too. So green it was. Truly a pleasure!!

If you thought club companies built to a one size fits all, women's clubs a factor worse. You had better like pink, small grips, very flexible shafts one inch short from men's clubs and flowers.  If that's not you, then a fitting can certainly help your performance and your pink golf club affliction