McCallaway, Accra and Golf Pride for Hybrids

The last installment of the McGolf Combination of the Accra FX 200 shaft, New Callaway Big Bertha heads and Golf Pride Dual Decade grips. It seems the Dymatch process of the Accra Shafts have won over our McGolf Friend and he has finished the Driver, Fairway woods and now the Hybrids in a process that will produce the same feel and results through the set. The Golf Pride grips will provide the confident feel and texture to allow for a smooth swing and great results with the new Callaway Big Berth Heads. The color match, the fit is sure, the grips are proven and the McGolf Bing adds that last touch needed for a great club. McCallaway.

UPDATE: Our McGolf friend picked up the new hybrids and is very pleased with the FWs and the driver.