new clubs for a new golf trip

Mr. and Mrs. Beers are planning a trip along the east coast and wanted to make sure young Mrs. Beers had the right clubs in the bag. During the fitting we found out she's got game!! A quick swing speed and vertical swing plane put the Callaway ladies Xhot clubs in place that would not allow for good golf. So we McGolfed them.

With help from our new friend we determined that the Pure Grip wrap in standard size was the proper fit, tack and texture. The ACCRA iron shafts in a light weight and higher flex than found in the original set was needed.

I took them apart to find a tip weight installed. After some heating, drill and reaming I got the weight out and made the hosel correct to receive the new engines of the clubs (that would be the ACCRA shafts). After the glue cured, the ferrulles finished, the loft and lies adjusted and grips put on, Robin suggested making them truly custom by making the logo match in color. Off the work shop she sent me for paint mixing and I filled the new Tricept wedges with Hot Pink. Pretty cool really.

See below how we morphed the Callaway X2Hots into X2MCHots.