A Wishon Driver and Piretti Putter for another friend from W.V.

The father and son from West Virginia have had some great golf scores since receiving their new custom built golf clubs.

There is another son and he is quite the golfer too. Sporting a 120+ mph club head speed, a 2 handicap and a fantastic mental attitude. this young man will be a success at whatever he sets his mind too I am sure.

He hit the ball a country mile however in the wrong direction. Dad needed a better scramble partner than that LOL!. Turns out the current driver was a bit too long and much too stiff. Ryan has a very smooth transition with a late release but,,, he was aimed in the wrong direction when he took the club back.

Once we figured that out and made the driver shorter by 1/2 inch and installed the proper shaft the drives went to the direction needed with the quality if hit I wanted. 

Ryan is a tall young man and putts with a vertical stance. His unusually long putter worked but did not suit his eye. A center shaft blade like putter is the ideal set up for him and Piretti has just the model. The Ferrar was the ticket. cut to the proper length and bent to the proper lie with the very cool longer grip balances this putter to a tee. check out the pictures.

The Wishon driver with the UST VTS tourspx shaft and golf pride grip are sure to Ryan, The Piretti putter is made in the USA and the craftsman ship is hard to beat anywhere.