A Christmas Note from McGolf

T’was the night before Christmas and all about the Store.

All clubs are built and shipped, we have no more.

The fittings were done by the flightscope with care

In the hopes of better golf would soon be there.


All the golfers and the clubs snuggled up in their bags and beds

Dreams of lower scores and longer drives dancing their heads.

Robin with deli salads and me with smoked meats,

We had dinners to share that couldn’t be beat.


Then on our YouTube channel we rose such a chatter

Hoping followers from the Facebook page would look to see what’s the matter

Golfers found with either Wishon, Callaway or Piretti fit at McGolf their score did lower

While the attitudes of the golfing partners were very sour.


But what to wondering recommendations should appear

But the need for custom building for the new golf gear.

The swing and the equipment need to work together.

To make golfing memories for you to remember.


When golf club repair is the thing at the top of your list

Bring it to this jolly old elf so your next golf date won’t be missed.

 If a golf trip is in the plans and you most desire.

Stop by McGolf for golf balls, golf gloves and accessories for you to acquire.


The rest of the story is of the McCleery’s and a McGolf is a year in review

Hopefully from the rest of the reading you won’t think a bunch of Ballou.


The year started off great at the PGA show with Charlie and Pat.

Visiting with these two we love too chat.

A friendlier and caring pair you will not meet.

Then we had visitors from all over West Virginia to us is quite a feat.


We had golfers from between Charleston and the Greenbrier

They helped spread the word of McGolf a custom equipment higher and higher.

Ryan, Michael and Jace is the latest family that drove that far

After a little more practice it sounds like Jace will be shooting PAR.


We visited San Francisco to see Travis Watson and Cate.

Leaving was the only thing we hate. That family has a lot on their plate.

Shane is in Columbus with Bekah in a new domicile.

It is very nice and the two are a cute couple but the neighborhood is not my style.


Robin and I are proud parents of both couples that can be seen

We would like to see them more often if I had to come clean.

Nick and Erin act like a brother and sister and make great four legged greeting pair.

But when they steal my seat, on my patience they tend to wear.


McGolf was awarded the top 100 clubfitter for the third time in a row.

To me this award is for the work Robin and I both Sow.

This year our customers came from 3 hours away from places like Cleveland

But even more came Texas, Kentucky and West Virginia to give the best customer service is our plan.


To all of our friends that visited McGolf, asked questions on the clubmaker blog from site, liked our YouTube channel and follows us through the Facebook page.

May you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as we plan even more people to engage.

We hope nothing but the best for you and your family.


Jim and Robin




I didn’t know where it would fit in the words above.

When the facetime ring tone sounds and Watson says NANA, is the time Robin most loves.