Bounce it on the green

We talked about the flat stick in the first of a series of articles driven at golf equipment and how it can apply to your game. Today we are covering the Wedges and the different parameters that affect good wedge play.

After the putter, the wedge set contains the shortest clubs in the bag. Because they are short not much attention is given to the length of the wedge. However it is vital to have the proper length, lie and loft dead on for killer shots to the green.

Traditionally, the length of the wedge follows with the length of the irons. If your five iron is a half inch long then so should your wedges. If you have a medical issue where the shorter clubs give you problems then by all means get comfortable over the ball using a longer club.

Lie angle is absolutely critical in a wedge. As the loft increases so does the importance of lie angle. This is directional control for your wedges. It also impacts how you interact with the turf. Heel and toe digs can be catastrophic to your score. Conventional thinking would tell you to use lie angle in line with the rest of the irons. Most of the time that can be true. If you take a different approach to hitting the wedge such a bending over to much, then lie angle will need adjustment.

The definition of bounce of a club is about a paragraph of boring trivial engineering terms (sorry about that my engineering friends). In layman’s terms it is the measure of the angle of the leading edge of the wedge to ground from the middle of the sole. Bounce is all about getting into or out of the turf. Higher bounce is needed if your swing plane is more vertical or you typically play in fluffy conditions. The opposite is true for standard or traditional swing planes and your course is well manicured.

Another piece of bounce is sole grind. This the relief on the trailing edge of the wedge. There are far too many to discuss here. Between sole grind, actual bounce and sole width you can have a club that sticks in the turf creating stress on the body and your game or you can take just enough turf to get the ball near the hole.

The remaining items are shaft profile and grip size. Grip size does not need to change from the regular set. As long as it fits, is comfortable and creates confidence then you have the proper grips. There are wedge shafts dedicated to provide higher launch conditions and greater spin. The real question is does it matter? If you are a trapper of the ball it certainly can. If not then a standard shaft MAY be will be just fine.

Wedges are as personal as any club in the bag. Look, feel and fit are all needed for a great golf game. Take some time to make sure you are hitting wedges distinct distances and where to aim the club. If not give me a call and we can get you on the right track.

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