gained 30yd after fitting and new clubs

Mr. Richard is another golfer that is totally ate up with the game of golf. He came to McGolf looking for a lesson and eventually completed an iron and putter fitting.  He is committed to improving every day.

Today when completing the Driver Fitting he told me he is hitting his irons 30 yd betters than is old set.  We expected that he would go further when the correct flex. length and head was found. But 30 yds is pretty good.

As a qualifier the 30yds is not all the time but more than not. And not all golfers will see this improvement but with a good set of clubs in the bag and some instruction all things are possible.

A Lady Looking for Clubs in all the Right Places

After being bitten by the golf bug this young lady was looking to improve and wanted to ensure the equipment in the bag was right for her. Her husband, an avid golfer, got her hooked into the game. I love husband a wife golfers, the stories I hear are funny and amazing.

After some time using beginner clubs it was time for a fitting. We fit her into a combination of Wishon, Tricept, and Orka clubs with a YES putter. We tweaked the swing just slightly and made the set you see above. The best thing about this golfer other than her drive to golf better is that she beat her husband two rounds later.

Sorry dude.

Find the best equipment for your game at McGolf

Father and Son visit McGolf for Golf Equipment

The Ward family has visited McGolf before but this is the first time a father and son has went through a fitting. Both golfers have excellent swings and we fit woods to the senior Ward and made a set of irons for the younger Ward. Both golfers are very fine people and I am sure the scores are lower now that the proper equipment in their bag.

Another first is the return of Mr Ward. He was fit many years ago and came back for a check. As it turned out the upgraded same model of driver was the selection but we found a better shaft as the technology got better in shaft from 7 years ago.

Thanks to all the Wards for their support.


Green to Tee - the Putter, what do you need?

For golfers, golf equipment can be the second coming of Arnold Palmer or a curse equivalent to the double dog dare. The question is how to separate marketing hype from reality, at least the golf world reality.  I am re-starting this series of articles that will help you make an informed decision when looking into the next golf weapon.

Green to Tee: Golf equipment exposed the PUTTER.

We start with the green because the green is where the most strokes are won or lost.  What puts the ball in the hole? A putter does.  During a round of golf the putter is scheduled to be used at least twice on each hole. No other club can boast that usage.

Most golfers know that getting a fitted driver or set of irons can help lower your score and enjoy the game. More importantly, it helps beat your buddy so you don't have to pay for that cold beverage at the end of the round. Unfortunately, most golfers don’t get a putter fitting. A good putter fitting is more than picking up different models until you start making putts. It is every bit the technical process as finding the proper driver or iron. If you can’t get to a club fitter use these tips to get the best putter for you. 

Length- an average putter length of 32.5-34 inches fits most golfers. When looking for length your eyes need to be somewhere near the intended line. You’ve heard “get your eyes over the ball” that is true for a great line but slightly inside the line is OK too.  

Lie- for the average stance the putter should sole flat on the ground. Lie angle has an impact on direction of the putt. Putters are designed to be used when the sole is flat. If you push your hands down the toe will come up so a flatter lie is needed. The opposite is true if you stand very tall to a putt.

Loft- is determined by the placement of your hands at impact and how the ball reacts when hit. This parameter is used to minimize ball skid. If you forward press when putting a greater loft may be required to get the ball rolling properly. If you putt with your wrists and lift the ball a lower loft may be the answer to minimize the skid or hop of the ball.

Grip Size – a comfortable grip is paramount to a confident putt. That last thing to worry about when a coke and dog is on the line is if the grip feels good. If you are a wrist type player struggling with consistency then a larger wider grip can help calm the stroke. If you hold the putter in your fingers instead of the palms then a smaller grip can deliver the comfort you need. 

Head Style- this one get over looked a bunch. If you are a screen door type putter meaning the putter arcs around you during the putt a heel mounted or toe balanced putter is the key. If you use a newer stroke such as the pendulum stroke then a mallet or face balanced putter is the style for you.


Weight- back weighting is the preferred part of the McGolf fitting. It puts the weight where it is needed (the hands) and it helps in making the stroke smooth and the ball rolls quiet. You will need to find a fitter for right for you. When I wrote this article 4 year ago I knew of only two putters that use weight in their putters. The first is the Heavy Putter (still in production) and the second is made by Kirk Currie. Now there are more makers of heavier putters such as Pirretti, Odyssey (certain models) and Bobby Grace Putters but none except the Heavy Putter back weight the putter.

There are plenty of good putter companies out there and you can expect to shell out anywhere from 99 to 399 for that magical club that finds the hole when you can't. It will depend on your fitter, your sense of style and method of manufacture. In all cases when the putter is fitted to your style and game the ball rolls smoother, straighter and finds the bottom of the cup more often.

If you have any question about the article please email me at

McGolf In Golf Digest

So I get this call from Golf Digest and they say Jim wanna do a fitting? I say sure that's kinda what we do here.

They say its a special fitting, I say all fittings are special.

she'll call a bit later. A bit later comes and goes and the phone rings. An 85 yr golfer that has won the Ohio amateur twice (in the 60's) and a third time (in the 80's). This golfer has shot HER age over 60 times and has never been fit!

 The putter fitting made an immediate impact. She took the putter home and the next day shot her age again.

The putter fitting made an immediate impact. She took the putter home and the next day shot her age again.

The fitting went great and Pauline is a great golfer and had great stories.

We redid her putter to fit, a set of irons, a set of woods and hybrids.

wishon driver, Adams fw's reshafted with Xcalibers and Adams hybrids and irons retooled to fit her.

I am told she shot an 81 already

We officially have golfers from Canton,  towns north of Columbus, North Carolina, West Virginia and Kentucky. all thanks to the top 100 club fitter status.

We have gotten better due to the notoriety and need up our game to remain the top 100 club fitter. Thanks to all

Piretti putters

Piretti putters exploded onto the golf scene with Henrik Stenson climbing the professional golf rankings by winning not only the race to Dubai but the PGA tour championship. The craftsmanship on the Piretti putter is what you expect from a high end putter.  excellent finish, great lines and models to fit anyone eye. top that off with a professional fitting from McGolf and you have a flat stick that is sure to win a few cold ones when the scoes are tallied.


The Golf Accessory we all can use

The Snap hookz is a full purpose accessory  that attaches to your golf bag and puts your most used items in a convenient location. If using a push cart, golf cart or taking a walk, the Snap hookz fits in the best area for your needs and is adjustable for any golf bag. multiple colors and attachments to take to the range or walk with during a round, the Snap hookz is a universal tool.

Callaway in McGolf, APEX

We watched, researched and found Callaway Golf to be the strongest line in 2014 and taking a path that will be successful for years to come. We will post more on the different models. Right now the APEX is my favorite of the line. One of the best things Callaway did was to include the recoil in the graphite shaft option. The only problem is when we call for a set for our customers the folks at UST tell us they just sent a shipment to Callaway and we have to wait a few more days. A wonderful combination for better golf.

Golf Pride CP2 grip, know your grip

The CP2 grip is far and away the most popular grip here at McGolf. Robin has been bust putting them on for all types of golfers. The CP2 comes in a tour wrap and a pro. The pro is a texture model for those golfers looking something other than traditional. The wrap model is also soft and has a tack that is comfortable for most any golfer. Get the grip correctly sized and watch the scores go low.

UST Recoil shaft, This needs to be in your clubs

UST mamayia has hit a home run with the Recoil Iron shaft.

The shaft comes in three varieties, the aftermarket model which you can know find in Callaways and other OEMs as standard inserts. The Prototype model which a lower torque profile for the stronger golfer and the tourspx model which only a few clubmakers can obtain. This shaft can give the best of both worlds. Frequency matched, flight and torque for all your needs. See the info in the video below.